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Colorado Cannabis Edibles to Try

 colorado ediblesWhether you’re visiting or a longtime resident, Colorado has come to be thought of as the Cannabis capital. Since legalizing recreational use in 2014, the legal marijuana industry in the state of Colorado has raked in over $1 billion in tax revenue, issued over 3,000 permits, and continues to see rapid expansion throughout the state. While sales of marijuana flower have still led the way and remain the most popular consumption option, cannabis edibles are gaining favor with more and more people. Cannabis edibles feature a different sort of high – more controlled, easier to portion, and more gradual of a release – and variance in the potency each edible delivers. Eating half of an edible, then the rest, and then even a second, is a significantly less ambiguous way to ration your experience than attempting to do so by smoking flower.

In this article, we’ll quickly review several of the best edible products in circulation in Colorado that you should try. Note: This article features several different variations of marijuana edible products from a variety of dispensaries. It is not meant to be an authoritative list. Rather, this collection of Colorado cannabis edibles to try is simply an effort to share some the best the market has to offer. In this list, we’ll sort each product by the company who produces it – since several have established themselves as industry leaders.

A company proudly boasting its Colorado roots, Stillwater Brand’s Ripple has gained a reputation as one of the best cannabis brands in the state. They have a whole fleet of cannabinoid products outside of traditional flower offers – which is one of their strengths. Some brands still surprisingly only offer a few token edible options, or outsource their edible offerings from another dispensary.

Ripple proudly produces all of their offerings in house. Their dissolvable packages have become wildly popular, and allow for customers to make anything into an edible they want, and providing for a much simpler way to make edibles at home than using THC butter, for example. Though it’s their line of gummies that keep customers coming back for more. What’s special about Ripple’s gummies are the variety in offerings they boast. Pure – Blood Orange contains 5mg of THC and is perfect for ‘dancing the night away or learning to love again,’ according to the product description. Relief – Honey Lavender features 10mg of CBD and .25 mg of THC, making it ideal when you need to ‘read through your morning emails without wanting to kill your co-workers. The more you learn about this brand, the more you love them, and their gummy edibles speak for themselves.

cbd edibles 1906 New Heights
Available in dispensaries throughout the state, 1906 specializes in a variety of edibles and consumable cannabis products. There are two products to keep an eye out for. The first are the new and improved ‘Drops,’ which are essentially pills to swallow that have all the effectiveness of the best edibles on the market (which might not technically make them edibles, but you swallow them, so close enough). Coming in six different variations, all boasting different effects – Genius, Love, Midnight, Go, Bliss, and Chill – these drops are truly an innovative product, making them a must try in the state of colorado.

While CBD pills have been popular for some time, there is a clear lack in the market for a swallowable pill that contains equal levels of THC. These 1906 drops seek to capitalize on the clear medicinal benefits of marijuana consumption, and have the potential to bring marijuana consumption to a whole new market. The obvious stigma of smoking anything of any kind is a barrier to accessing medicinal benefits, and even if you aren’t looking to use marijuana for health reasons, these drops offer a unique way to consume an edible. 1906’s more famous product is their Midnight chocolate bar, widely available throughout the state and heralded for it’s high. With a 1:1 ratio of 5mg both THC and CBD, Midnight dark milk chocolate isn’t just for promoting relaxation; it’s becoming a widely used sleep aid supplement. Some consider it the best sleep aid supplement on the market! It claims to promote a deeper, more restful sleep than options such as melatonin, and those suffering from insomnia are beginning to swear by it. And even if you already sleep like a baby, Midnight chocolate is also a great option for a relaxing high packaged in a delicious delivery.

cbd ediblesCoda Signature
Forbes has called Coda Signature’s chocolate a direct threat to industry stalwarts such as Godiva. Leafly describes their truffles as a full on experience. Accolades and praise seem to be the norm for Coda Signature, a company founded in 2015 hell-bent on setting the industry standard for excellence, and has ended up on numerous award lists in 2020, including Forbes America’s Best Startup Employers and the World Food Innovation Awards. This company specializes in edibles, topicals, and concentrates, and has built a reputation for instilling their love of music into each product they create.

While their truffles and chocolate bars have gained a reputation for being both delicious and potent – with flavors such as snap pea and spice, cream and crumble, and coffee and doughnuts – their most interesting edible offering is their chocolate on a spoon (yes, you read that right). With two decadent flavors, espresso and milk chocolate with marshmallows, chocolate on a spoon is a truly unique experience in edible consumption. With 10 mg THC per single serving, these edibles seek to capture our cravings in a unique way that I haven’t seen much of elsewhere. While they are most famous for their truffles, carried in a wide range of dispensaries statewide, the chocolate on a spoon is a must try for anyone looking to get out of their comfort zone. We recommend the espresso!